Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snapshots from Hawaii 2010, Part III.

Dots and her friend Katie paddleboarding into the ocean

The girls standing up!

Note: Believe it or not, I went out in a kayak with Robert one afternoon and we paddled quite a ways out (he guessed it was a couple of miles) and saw a lot of whale activity. Sadly, no one took my picture so I have no *proof* that I actually participated in an athletic endeavor

Looking toward the front of the hotel from the tower where we stayed. Aren't the flowers beautiful?

"OMG, Mom, are you trying to take my picture again?"
(Dots, Hockey Boy and Hockey's Boy's friend Robert waiting for our car; to the boys' likely disappointment, the beer on the neighboring cart does not belong to them)

On an outing to Lahaina. After seeing this picture, I am abandoning the practice of wearing my shirt tucked out and am donning cute belts again

Dots and Hockey Boy at Cheeseburger in Paradise

Dots outside Cheeseburger in Paradise. Isn't the ocean fabulous?

Front Street in Lahaina. Lahaina, though quite touristy, is really a charming old whaling town

My mom and the boys by the banyan tree (if Hockey Boy is smiling and looking at the camera, a grandmother was likely nearby)

My mom and me

Dots taking pictures of the banyan tree

It runs in the family: "MOM! Don't take my picture!"

My mother thought this looked like something out of
South Pacific

Me, my mom and my mother-in-law relaxing by the pool after returning from Lahaina. My mom and mother-in-law bought matching shirts for Saint Patrick's Day

Will with his grandmothers at Happy Hour

Me, my mom and my mother-in-law still relaxing, but now dressed up and at Happy Hour

Our sweet friend Zenith with Dots

Dots, Katie and Jeffrey

Hockey Boy and friends from his high school

Note: Tonight a group of ten adults from Dallas went out to dinner at the Four Seasons next door to our hotel while the kids stayed at the hotel and ordered room service. Each group thought they got the better end of the bargain! (With the word bargain used loosely, as no meals in Hawaii qualify as such, at least not at the Four Seasons or from room service!)

Walking around the resort at night - I love the tiki torches!


The Mrs. said...

How wonderful!!!!

Maggie said...

Nothing better that a trip to a beautiful place with family and friends!

LeighAnne said...

Your pictures are just breath-taking. I feel like I have been on a mini-vacation just by looking at them! :) Love the outfit you have on in the "dressed up happy hour" photo. Too cute!

Hillcrest Acres said...

It all looks so wonderful and very relaxing!!!

Would that be the Grand Wailea your staying at? That is my all time favorite resort!!!