Monday, April 26, 2010

Snapshots from Boston, part II.

Sunday afternoon we headed to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. In spite of intermittent rain, the stadium was packed with fans!

I'm a lifelong baseball fan but this was my first visit to the storied Fenway Park. What a fabulous venue for a baseball game! It's hard to imagine there is a bad seat in the house. We had a great time at the game even though there were rain delays and the Red Sox lost

That night we met a friend from my freshman floor at SMU and her husband for dinner at an Italian restaurant in the North End called Antico Forno. Barbara was also in town to run the marathon. We reconnected and figured out we would both be in Boston through the wonders of Facebook. We had a very good meal and the runners were able to load up on carbs the night before the big race

This was the view out our hotel window race morning. The runners ride buses 26.2 miles out of town to Hopkinton where the marathon begins. These school buses were lined up for miles! Guess it takes a lot of buses to transport 20,000 runners

Later in the morning there was a parade in front of hotel in commemoration of Patriots Day in Massachusetts

I spent a little while wandering about the Granary Burying Ground across from our hotel

Paul Revere's grave

Samuel Adams is buried here

The grave site of Crispus Attucks and other victims of the Boston Massacre

You might guess that John Hancock's marker would be the largest and easiest to spot

Next I made my way through the Boston Common to the marathon finish line (see earlier post)

Robert and me back at the hotel post-race

We walked to the North End for some celebratory pizza at Regina's


Even though I did NOT run 26.2 miles that morning, I decided to treat myself to a cannoli at Mike's Pastry (that is not my gelato I'm holding! Robert handed it to me while he took the picture)

Then we walked part of the Freedom Trail. This was Paul Revere's house

Statue of Paul Revere with the Old North Church steeple behind him

Me by the Old North Church. See the red line? That marks the Freedom Trail

A great weekend in a great city!


Kay said...

I loved Boston and walking the Freedom Trail just after a big snowfall. Can't imagine doing it after running a marathon!

bevy said...

How wonderful to be right in the middle of history! I teach US History through the Civil War to my fourth graders. I would love to travel back to Beantown and take my own pictures to show them. Maybe I should run the Marathon next year. Big fat LOL!

bevy said...

Oh.. and would you mind if I grabbed a few of your pics to show my students? Of course none of you, just the grave stones.

Nishant said...

How wonderful to be right in the middle of history!
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