Sunday, October 4, 2009



Hockey Boy's high school had Homecoming last weekend. He invited a friend and they joined up with a group of couples that was planning to eat dinner at one of the boys' houses before the dance.

I met with the other mothers to plan the evening. It took quite a bit of organization and work on our part, but everything came together so well! One of the senior girls in attendance told us it was the nicest homecoming she'd ever attended. Even the maternal-compliment- stingy Hockey Boy acknowledged that the dinner was *nice* and the food *amazing.* Their praise made our efforts worthwhile.

Their group met a park for pictures before dinner

We had a wedding to attend that night so a friend sent me pictures of dinner from her cell phone. I made the menus and placecards and also lent my silver and some folding chairs

Hockey Boy and friends during the *mocktail* time before dinner

One of the moms arranged for her corporate chef to cater the kid-friendly meal

A lovely evening!


First Course
Caesar salad with sliced baguettes and grilled shrimp

Grilled strip loin steak with chef's sauce
Twice~baked potato
Vegetable medley

Brownie topped with whipped cream and strawberry garnish


Amber M. said...

I hope I'm a cool mom like you when my kids are always put together the most amazing things for your children. The kids look like they had a great time!

Grace said...

Agreed- you are a great mom! What a lovely evening for them. I love the shoes of Hockey Boy's date - girl has cute style! Hope they had a blast!

cotedetexas said...

alright, alright, alright - who's the girl with my son=in=law????? she's a little too cute, making me worried.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great homecoming for them! I don't think any moms did anything like that when I was in high school!

Hockey boy looks handsome and all his friends look great!

Christie said...

Oh my goodness! Every looks so nice and the menu had to be right up their alley - sophisticated with a touch of it!

The Mrs. said...

What a nice evening for Hockey Boy!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

I'll have to file this away in the "great things to do to make your teenagers acknoledge you" file. It looks like a lovely evening!

3 Peanuts said...

How wonderful! Hockey boy and his friend look GREAT! I love that y'all organized a dinner....that is so much better than a restaurant.