Friday, July 31, 2009

Underdocumented fun.

My sister, Marian, was in Dallas on business this week, and she and my nephew Henry have been staying with us. We had a GREAT visit, but I did a rotten job of documenting much of it. Here, however, are a few pictures that show just a little of the fun we had!

The Headless Hockey Boy took his cousin Henry to the mall

Henry lives in a small town, so he loved the variety of shops

Henry had a great time at the new Lego Store

My creation
My field photographer (Dots) was charged with taking pictures of Henry's adventures at the mall, but the portfolio she submitted shockingly consisted primarily of shots like these

Henry enjoyed playing with my nephew Jack

and with our neighbor Mark

He even tolerated a little bit of help from Dots on his Lego creation

One evening I had some friends over for Happy Hour after my sister finished work. Unfortunately Vivian had a seizure right after I took this shot, and I forgot to take any more pictures after others arrived (my sister is on the left)

No visit to Dallas would be complete for Marian without a trip to her favorite restaurant from SMU days, Snuffer's. Marian's high school friend Suzy and her boys joined us

I think Marian was really hoping for better blog coverage of her wonderful visit. I'm sorry, Mair! Guess you'll have to come back soon.


Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing your sister and nephew's visit. Is Vivian ok after the seizure?

Unknown said...

Oh my, now I'm going to crave Snuffers! I think I know where I'm heading tomorrow. I've been to Northpark twice this week with the boys and we hit up the Lego store both times. I think that is one place that they will always get a kick out of visiting.
Hope Vivian's OK. Are things going better with the change in meds? Are you ready for Senior year? I can't believe it will be my last one. I get teary already.

fleur de lis cottage said...

Sounds like you had a great visit. (I hope Vivian is okay). And the post below on the Missouri Crybabies (those cookies sound wonderful)!

Marian said...

Henry and I had a great time in Dallas. Thanks for being such fun hosts. My visits are NEVER long enough. Hopefully we'll be back in November for my SMU reunion and a more thorough post on the blog!