Monday, July 13, 2009

Pizza night redux.

The last time I posted about pizza night at our house, I neglected to take any pictures. Last week we made pizza again, and my budding photographer, Dots, documented the process on camera.

Here I am kneading the pizza dough. For this shot I had a choice between showing aging hands or alien fingers. Obviously I chose the action shot which blurred my wrinkles but left my fingers looking unnaturally elongated

Balls of dough about to be covered and set aside to rise

While the dough is rising, we make the tomato sauce

Dots prepares her pizza

Fresh pizza right after being placed on the hot baking stone


If Dots had her druthers, every night at our house would be homemade pizza night!

Click here for the previous post which includes recipes.

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The Mrs. said...

Looks so good! Have to have Landon make one....he looooves pizza!