Monday, November 17, 2008


Thursday night I helped host a surprise party in honor of my friend Wendy's 40th birthday. We had the party at another hostess's beautiful home. It's much easier giving a party at someone else's house than at my own!

IMG_4920_JPG copy
With two of the other hostesses before the party

The beautiful buffet table.

Wendy loves sushi and Asian food. A great restaurant called Asian Mint prepared the food for us and placed it in our serving pieces.

Garnishing the wonderful food

Chicken satay

Sushi rolls

Summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce

The exquisite (and delicious) birthday cake

Tray of party favors. Notice the napkins with Wendy's monogram on the right.

Close-up of party favors

The Birthday Girl arrives!

Wendy realizes two of her friends have flown in for the party

Wendy with all the hostesses

We had about ten guests in addition to the seven hostesses, including two of Wendy's longtime friends from Atlanta. One of the hostesses had prepared a DVD with pictures of Wendy with her family and friends over the years. Watching that was a real highlight of the party for everyone. Wendy seemed genuinely surprised and deeply touched by the party.

Celebrating with good friends: does it get any better than this?


KK said...

What an elegnat party--I love the cake!

Hopsy said...

Everything about this party is perfect. The food looks delicious, the cake is beautiful and you are all so pretty! What a fun evening for all involved!!

Erin said...

Well, that is just the 40th birthday party of any girl's dreams!! And you are all so pretty and well turned out. What a lovely bunch of girlfriends! I love the food, the cake, the favors, the home (!), and the clothes too. I should be having parties like this!!! (Maybe if I lay off the blogging...)

Tami said...

What a gorgeous party! Was the cake as good as it looked?
Girlfriends are the best, you all look so happy and like you're having a fun time.

Courtney said...

What a wonderful 40th birthday! The cake is gorgeous! Ya'll looked like you had a great time.
This is a random question...But I noticed the magnificent painting of the little boy in the background of the pictures. Do you know who painted it? Do you have oil paintings of your children? I want to have Molly's done one day, but not unitl she's a bit older. I'm always keeping my eye out for good artist when the day comes!
Yes, I will definitely post of a pic of Molly in that cute shirt!

cotedetexas said...

How beautiful - the cake! wow! and the house is very pretty too - what a gorgeous group of friends -!!!

Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm moving to Texas and becoming one of your real-life friends. What a spread! And the cake is gorgeous! You gals really know how to throw a party!

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! Did you make the sushi or have it ordered?? I love the cake!!