Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad planning.

UPDATE: I had a question about what duplicate bridge is. In duplicate bridge every table plays the same cards. Your scores are compared to players at other tables who are sitting the same direction as you. I like it because it doesn't matter if you get bad cards all day (though it's of course more fun to have good cards). You win or lose based on what you did with the cards you were dealt compared to the others who played the same cards.

Good news: Hockey Boy's team made it to the finals of the Labor Day hockey tournament! They've outscored their opponents something like 25-5. Hockey Boy is playing very well and has had several assists and many *almost* goals. Even more importantly, this seems to be a really nice group of kids and parents. The boys are playing well as a team and we have no *screamers* in our section of the stands.

Bad news: I committed back in the spring to play in an all-day teams match at the bridge tournament today.

So instead of here:


I will be here:

Yes, I am a nerd at heart

Fortunately Robert is adept at text messaging commentary and scores from hockey games (we've gotten a lot of practice at this when we've taken turns accompanying Hockey Boy to out-of-town tournaments), so between hands I'll be sneaking a peak at my cell phone. Hopefully my concentration won't be completely shot...


JoAnn said...

Don't you hate those screaming parents? It is soooo embarassing. They really need to get a life!

Good luck in your tournament!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good luck to your son in the tournament, and to you in yours! :) Thanks for visiting me too!

3 Peanuts said...

Please explain what duplicate bridge is to us novices? Thanks for your sweet encouragement.


Tami said...

Hey- I just want to say good luck to your husband, the texter. My guys just taught me to text...Definitely a novice here.
It was a real moment when I got a text from Sam...Mom Pro texter.

So, how can you text back and play bridge at the same time? Yikes!