Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adventures with Guinn, part I.

My 11-year-old niece Guinn is visiting this week from Georgia.

Her flight was due in around 8 yesterday, but bad weather caused her plane to be diverted to Oklahoma City. What are the odds that would happen the first time someone flies alone?! Her mom and dad were following her flight on the internet, and I was getting what information I could at the airport, but we all still worried about how she was handling the situation on her own. In an extraordinary gesture, the Delta pilot came back to Guinn's seat after they landed in OKC and handed her his personal cell phone and instructed her to call her parents. The pilot also talked to Guinn's dad himself and reassured him that they would be back in the air and landing in Dallas in short order.

We were very excited to see Guinn when she finally arrived!


We were all hungry so we stopped at one of Guinn's mom's favorite places on our way home and enjoyed some cheddar fries. Yum.


Today after church I took the girls to the symphony to hear Lemony Snicket's The Composer is Dead.


We walked into the beautiful concert hall at the Meyerson, and Guinn commented, "Look! They have a band!"


The concert was quite fun and entertaining, with Lemony Snicket himself (Daniel Handler) narrating the story. The girls and I enjoyed it a lot.


Tonight we're going swimming and trying to decide which of my sister's favorite restaurants to patronize next.

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Marian said...

We're so glad Guinn is having fun! Great pictures. STOP eating at all my favorites restaurants without me.