Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school 2012.


Today was Vivian and Dots' first day of school!


I took Vivian up to the school last week to have her ID/yearbook picture taken. She seemed very happy to be there, and she was amazingly cooperative with the photographer. I thought her school picture turned out really well.


This morning Vivian popped right out of bed when I went in to wake her up. As she and I were waiting on the bus to arrive, Vivian kept repeating, "Where is my bus? My bus is yellow. Hurry up, Mr. Bus!" When the bus pulled up, she climbed aboard readily and went straight to her preferred seat. In past years I have had to pull Vivian out of the bushes and almost drag her the bus, so this was a most welcome change!


Vivian dictated this email to her teacher and sent it to me this afternoon:

Hi, Mommy,

How is Percy? The bus took me to school. I put the crayons in the box. I put my box away. I go to Art. I colored the sun. I fell down. I listened to Tony Chestnut. I did a puzzle. I want to go Home .


This is all good, except that "I fell down" translates to "I threw myself on the floor." That usually happens when her teachers are transitioning her from one task that she's enjoying to another that involves work. I'm hopeful she will have fewer episodes of "falling down" as the school year progresses. Apart from that, it sounds like the rest of her day went well.


For Dots today was her first day of high school. I texted her at lunch to see how it was going so far, and she replied, "It is crowded and scary." Yikes! Hopefully that will improve and Dots will feel more comfortable after she learns her way around the building.


Meanwhile on the western front, Will started his junior year at TCU last week. He is living off-campus in a house with five boys this year. (That scenario may be even scarier than Dots' first day of school.) Will painted his room, which previously had two black and two red walls, and found bedroom furniture at the Salvation Army. I have ordered new bedding from The Company Store, but in the meantime he is making do with some old sheets. I'm not holding my breath that any of the new linens will have made it onto his bed by the time we visit for Parents Weekend next month. Last year at Parents Weekend Will hadn't even figured out yet that his room lacked a trash can.

Here's to a great year!

Back to school, circa 1970. I am heading to First Grade at Garden Hills Elementary in Atlanta


Kim said...

Good luck with the house full of boys. It's either a great thing or a scary thing. Judson is down to one roommate this year, so hopefully he won't lose everything he owns. When he came home to get some furniture he confessed that he lost his Nautica quilt in "the move" and had just been using a sheet so could I please buy him another one (to lose again?!)

Gigi said...

I hope all of your kids have a great school year! Love the picture of you on your first day of school.