Monday, March 26, 2012



Just over a year ago, I asked you to pray for my childhood friend Ellen who had been diagnosed with Stage IV endometrial cancer. I am sad to report that Ellen died on Saturday after a brave and valiant battle. That Ellen lived much longer than her original prognosis indicated is a testament to the strong, determined person she was. Ellen's only sister, Leslie, gave birth to her first child just two weeks before Ellen died, and Leslie and the baby were able to travel to Atlanta from Washington, DC to see Ellen last week. I truly believe that Ellen held on long enough to meet her precious nephew.

Ellen (second from right) and me (third from left) at my birthday party (c. 1973)

Ellen and I grew up together in a small neighborhood in Atlanta, and to my memory we were the only girls from our grade in that area. We rode bikes, played at each other's houses and attended one another's birthday parties. I moved to Texas after high school and only saw Ellen at high school reunions after that. But after Ellen became sick, we had several long phone conversations and talked and laughed like no time at all had passed since we'd seen each other. We also exchanged emails and commented frequently on each other's blogs.

Quite a few friends from my blog followed Ellen's story on her blog, and she told me several times how much their support meant to her. Ellen was especially grateful for the encouragement and empathy she received from those who had trod a similar path.

I will miss my friend Ellen and her humorous, wry outlook on our childhood and on life in general. I'm thankful for Ellen's friendship and grateful that the message of Easter offers the assurance that I'll see her again.

Ellen (third row, just right of center in a green jacket) and me (second row, far right) in those lovely middle school days


3 Peanuts said...

I am so sorry of hear of this. It is so sad to see people our age dying. Will pray for Ellen's loved ones.

Mona said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers ascending.

Maggie said...

So sorry, Eloise. It's so hard to lose a longtime friend.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post, Eloise. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing. Much love--