Friday, June 10, 2011



Last night's Game 5 of the NBA Finals was hands-down the most exciting sporting event I've ever attended! The lead bounced back and forth throughout the game, but the Mavericks were always in contention. At the end Dallas pulled away sufficiently for me to be able to watch and enjoy the victory; really close games tend to send me hiding my eyes behind loosely clasped fingers!

I doubt that I will ever experience such a banner year of attendance at big sporting events again. What a fun time it's been, though!

World Series
World Series, October 2010

Super Bowl
Super Bowl XLV, February 2011

NBA Finals
NBA Finals, June 2011

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bevy said...

OK... So I'm not a big sports fan, but Holy Moly!!! Lucky you!

Also, that's so much for your sweet comments and prayers for my FIL. They certainly were felt. :)