Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snapshots from Christmas, part II.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Christmas morning: Santa has been here! (Will received a trip to the Rose Bowl and Dots a summer mission trip to Colorado. Vivian got some books and toys.)

Robert, Dots and my mom gather in the kitchen...

...while Will tries to convince Vivian to come upstairs and see what Santa brought her

Everyone checks out their presents

Vivian loves her new singing Rudolph toy

Dots opens a "peace" present from Biba and Sir (my parents)

Robert reads one of Vivian's new books to her

Will is very happy with his new vest and a gift of cash

Vivian's favorite gift was a life-size Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like our dog Tucker

For Christmas dinner we went to my Aunt Judy's house. The drive there was so beautiful! It felt sort of like "over the river and through the woods"

Me with my cousin Nancy Baby (known to the rest of the world as "Nancy" but to distinguish her from my Aunt Nancy, our family has always called her "Nancy Baby"). Notice my mom to the left: she is wearing a black leather jacket that she bought to take to college over 50 years ago - it still looks great!

The "adult table"

The "grown-up kids table" plus Robert

The "kids table" plus sweet Aunt Judy

Vivian, meanwhile, found a bed to curl up in and slept through the whole party!

Me, Robert, Will and our cousin Peter relaxing after dinner. I think we were watching the Cowboys game, which didn't turn out too well for our home team

As you can see, we had a very merry Christmas! I hope you and your family did too.


Maggie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful, cozy family Christmas! Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

Kim said...

So much fun, especially with all your family there! And what a picture perfect setting!

linda said...

Lovely, snow filled, picture perfect Christmas!

JMW said...

What a beautiful place to spend Christmas and to be surrounded by family!

Tote said...

Wonderful family pics!

bevy said...

I love how your family appears to be so at ease all the time. You seem to be so flexible... And therefore have so much fun!

Lainey-Paney said...

Well...I came upon your blog tonight as I was googling for images of a mediport...and then I read about Vivian, and her ordeal this past Summer....and I've pretty much just fallen in love with your family!
Oh, your travels, your kiddos... just wonderful!
...and it looks like it was a wonderful Christmas!