Friday, August 6, 2010

Update on Vivian - 8/6

Vivian and Tucker yesterday

Vivian got her cast off today! The orthopedist was pleased to see on the current x-ray that all of the screws from Vivian's surgery on her arm are still in place. Vivian has a lot of new bone growth which is good for strengthening her arm but bad for range of motion. Fortunately Vivian's elbow has not been fused by the excess new bone, but we will have to work with Vivian to enable her to bend her arm.

Getting her cast off

When Vivian's cast was removed, the doctor noticed a few sores on Vivian's incision. He told us these could either be due to infection or to internal stitches that Vivian's body is trying to rid itself of (pray that it is the latter, as an infection would likely require another surgery to remove her hardware).

Vivian is scheduled to receive her last infusion of vancomycin (the antibiotic she has been on since entering the PICU at the end of June) Monday morning. Vivian's home nurses will monitor her temperature and wounds carefully after that for signs of infection.

Slowly Vivian is resuming her consumption of table food. In the past few days Vivian has asked for a cupcake that our neighbors Emma and Caroline made for her, and she has eaten some macaroni and cheese that our friend Priscilla brought. Yesterday out of the blue Vivian requested McDonald's. I dropped everything and took her to our local drive-thru for a Happy Meal. Vivian ate all of the French fries and drank her Sprite, though she wasn't interested in the hamburger. I am hopeful that Vivian's appetite will return in full after she completes the course of antibiotics.

Enjoying Priscilla's mac and cheese!

Vivian sleeps soundly some nights and hardly at all others. Perhaps without her cast, Vivian will be able to get into a comfortable position and stay asleep longer.

Vivian has experienced a few more seizures this week. The neurologist is going to check the levels of the medications in Vivian's blood and may make some adjustments.

Praise God that Vivian's cast is gone and that the end of IV antibiotics is in sight! Praise Him for the miraculous recovery and progress we continue to see in Vivian. Please pray that there is no infection in Vivian's arm. Pray that Vivian's appetite returns and that she begins to enjoy her favorite foods again (Vivian is typically a very good eater). Pray that Vivian's medications would control her seizures.

We greatly appreciate your support and encouragement. Have a good weekend!

"Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I Thessalonians 5:17

Watching Dora, eating some fruit and drinking a milkshake sans cast!


Darlene said...

She has made a WONDERFUL recovery and YAY that her cast is now off. I'm continuing to keep her in my prayers that all continues to go well.♥

Mona said...

It's such a blessing to see Vivian's smiling face! Great news her cast is off and she's regaining her appetite. Continued prayers for her healing, et al. xoxo

Maggie said...

Vivian has come such a long way. I pray that her healing continues and that you all may enjoy some blissfully ordinary days.

bevy said...

I am so happy to continue reading about Vivian's constant recovery.

What also brings such joy to my heart is to read the prayer requests and PRAISES you give at the end of every post. You are truly making The Silversmith beam with love and joy!

Dianne said...

So glad to see the cast is gone. I pray there is no infection...she has come so far. Hooray for Happy meals!

Janet said...

Wow! What amazing things that can happen if we just put all our faith in God. Sometimes easier said than done. But Praise the Lord that Vivian has come so far.

Love and Prayers,
Janet Melton

Jan M said...

Wonderful news to hear that the cast is gone! The best is seeing Vivian's pretty smile! May you all have a wonderful weekend, as we continue to keep Vivian in our prayers for complete healing.

Sandra said...

Praying hard for you!! Wonderful post!! xoxo

Valerie said...

Wow, how far you've come. It is so wonderful to see her home and thriving.

Praying that the sores are simply from rubbing on the cast and you can sit back and count your many blessings.

Love Valerie

Quinn said...

What a comeback! Your child is amazing......

AnnieMac said...

Yeah! I am so happy that she has had her cast removed. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was for her. Vivian looks very happy in all the pictures!

cotedetexas said...

WOW! that smile!!!! incredible.

(and hockey boy is just too cute. i want lizzy to meet hiim sooooo badly!!!)

Sharon said...

Thrilled Vivian is eating better and finally got that enormous cast off. That must have been mighty uncomfortable for her tiny arm to carry around. Still sending prayers for your family!

JMW said...

Yea - the cast is gone! Will continue to pray for Vivian and hope that no infection is present. It's great to see her smiling. Praise the Lord!

sharon protzmann said...

Just got back from cooler temps in Michigan - divine. Sooo glad to catch up on the good news. Vivian looks wonderful and I know the lack of a cast and antibiotics will help in many ways. Our prayers are still lifted for Vivian and all of you.

Kay said...

So happy that Vivain is doing so well. Love that TCU cup in the pic!--courtesy of Hockey Boy? Followed your blog on my iphone while we were in Florida with Shelby. : )