Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine Luncheon 2010, part II: the guests arrive.

Elizabeth and Wendy were among the first guests who braved the weather to arrive at my Valentine Luncheon

This was Scot's third year to help with my luncheon. He greeted everyone at the door with a glass of Kir Royale (champagne and Creme de Cassis liqueur) or almond tea

Seth offered my guests an hors d'oeuvres (these are Maple Salmon Bites)

I also made Stilton Tart with Cranberry Chutney, which has become an annual tradition because it tastes wonderful and looks so festive

Here are Scot and Seth with both hors d'oeuvres

Guests mingle in the entry hall

Notice the mercury glass votives on the dining room table. I gave these as party favors

Coming up next... lunch is served.


paperjunk-lc said...

What a lovely luncheon.

Maggie said...

Beautiful--food, table settings, and guests!

Jo said...

I'm just catching up with you ~ what a lovely luncheon! Every tiny detail has been tended to and nothing is left undone. You are an amazing hostess.

I love your front yard decor ~ why of course every snowman plays hockey ;)


3 Peanuts said...

Simply stunning!

Henley on the Horn said...

Wow! What a gorgeous luncheon!! You made everything perfect.

Melissa said...

Everything looks so lovely and elegant. Why does that not surprise me? That is the definition of Eloise.

JMW said...

So glad you were able to have your luncheon afterall. Everything looks beautiful.

Angie Seaman said...

Oh this luncheon looks awesome Eloise. What a neat and very beautiful event. The pictures were great. :)

Got your note on my blog from yesterday. Ironically, YES...Kenidi's stroller arrived at our front door step today. It's so funny that you asked about it because I planned on coming over here to thank you for turning me onto the idea of asking my doctors to submit something to insurance and get one ordered. It took three months almost to the day but insurance paid for every bit of it. God is good! It's a big mamma jamma but it is so much nicer not having her feet drag the ground or her outweigh a typical stroller. They talked me into a stroller called a CONVAID (in purple). It's a bit big for Kenidi right now but at least she'll be able to grow into it. I plan to do a blog post about it soon so you'll see photos then.

As for the horse therapy for Vivian...Oh yes...I highly recommend it. She would love it - I'm sure. Normally Kenidi is so rough and hyper but with the horses, she is as calm as can be - like a totally different child. I blogged about her and the horses last night. The post should publish on my blog at 6pm tonight. It has pictures you can see of that too. Look around and see if there is something similar by your for Vivian. All of the kiddo's seem to love it. :)

And no...most games of Brennen's Kenidi actually stays home. We've tried to take her but she wants to climb the bleacher railings and never sits still. She loves being there but is just so hyper and can't stay seated. We tried taking turns by taking her outdoors and walking her during the games but she just runs off and we spend most of our time chasing her. (which wears Brent and I out) For instance I'm at Brennen's football practice right now and I left Kenidi with my Mom because Brent is still at the office. It's good catch up/reading time for me. :) God love her!

Anywho, keep in touch. And thanks again for the direction and info regarding the stroller. I am soooo appreciative. I would've never thought this was a possibility without your guidance.

Huge hugs!

Angie Seaman said...

PS...So sorry for that massive novel I just left here on your blog. :)

bevy said...

Absolutely lovely! So glad you took pictures... great resource for us all for soirees we plan!

BTW... I've already put the date on my calendar for next Valentines! LOL

Amber M. said...

Amazing!! Everything looks so divine...I can't imagine how lovely everything smelled! I feast for all the senses!!

CRICKET said...

What a great idea for a party! Love your shirt, the flowers and details.

dragonfrye said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog. Wow! what a beautiful luncheon!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Everything looks divine!

psm260 said...

Hi Eloise,

I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing some familiar faces! Your kids are so grown-up (& very cute!)

Pam Means