Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cooking Club, November 2008.

**Update: The "crayola" next to each place was a party favor. It is a very flat pen that can be left inside a book for making notes. I keep mine in our current cookbook as we always pull out our books at Cooking Club during dessert and jot down comments about that month's recipes.**

January 2009 157

In November 2008 my Cooking Club met at my highly creative friend Ellen's house. She had such a clever table setting, but I neglected to bring my camera to the gathering and I only recently got these pictures from her. I thought you would enjoy seeing them even though it's well past Thanksgiving now.

January 2009 155

January 2009 154-1
For this darling cornucopia at the top of each placemat, Ellen steamed the end of an ice cream sugar cone to bend it, then dipped the opposite end in melted white chocolate and crushed pistachios before spilling multi-colored jellybeans from the opening. I believe she credited Martha Stewart for the original idea

Close-up of the napkin ring/placecard. Notice how Ellen cleverly typed all of our names together for the background and then highlighted my name in red to designate my seat at the table. She created the little turkey using scrapbooking punch dyes


JoAnn said...

Very clever...and I love her china!

lmk said...

Very Cute! But....why the different colored crayola next to each place setting?

KK said...

WOW!!! Too, too cute!

3 Peanuts said...

Really cute table. I need one of those flat pencils!!

I have been looking for that Valentine apron for you here to send you and I cannot find another one anywhere. I got it at Homegoods (owned by Marshalls). I have looked at several around town but to no avail....I just wanted to let you know in case you want to look in your neck of the woods.

I hope the luncheon goes well. I am sure it will be beautiful and delicious! I look forward to seeing all the photos:)

About the Lent thing...I am actually excited. I would love to have a partner to cheer each other on.

Rachel said...

Very cute! I love the cornucopia!

bevy said...

How absolutely stunning! Your friend is so creative!

Kim said...

Beautiful...I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for decorating the table. Maybe because I lost my mind and bought turkey dinner plates for our entire extended family?

Hopsy said...

How lovely! I LOVE Ellen and can tell we would get along as we both have the Hunting Scene china!!

Sherrie said...


CRICKET said...

Wow. I wish I could be so creative - inspirational and fun!