Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coming and going.

This morning I took Hockey Boy to the airport for his flight to Jamaica. He is going on a week-long mission trip there with a group of youths from our church who will be working there in a mountain community assisting with the construction of a house.

Two years ago Hockey Boy went on this trip and his job involved hauling concrete. I suspect that unless they need any wood duck houses, he'll be doing something similar. His group will have one day of rest and relaxation at the beach, but otherwise they will be working.

Hockey Boy had a packing list for this trip, armed with which, he went to Target yesterday. He asked me where a few things were at our house, but other than that, I was completely uninvolved in his preparations.

He was supposed to be at the airport at 5:00 this morning so we left our house around 4:15 (poor Vivian had to accompany us because there was no one home to stay with her). We were about 5 minutes from the airport when I thought to ask Hockey Boy about his passport. Silence. Then, "Uh... I think I left it on my bed." Argh! This was certainly his responsibility, but I couldn't believe I'd neglected to ask him about it before we got in the car (I'll blame the early hour). We turned around and went back to our house, retrieved the passport and then returned to the airport. There was very little traffic on the road so we made it to check-in by 5:30, in plenty of time for his 7:15 flight. Not a great start to my morning, though!

I won't hear directly from Hockey Boy while he's gone, but I hope to receive some updates and pictures from the leaders. In the meantime I'm following his flight on FlightAware.com. I'm such a map junkie.

Picture 1

In other family travel news, Robert returns from the Grand Canyon tonight. He organized a group of 13 friends to hike the Canyon from rim to rim in one day (26.5 miles!). They completed the hike successfully in about 12 hours. Robert reported that he and his friends have had a great time and that everyone felt a sense of great accomplishment.

North Rim
Robert (third from left) and part of his group on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the evening before their big hike

Sadly for me, though, trips to the airport, albeit plentiful, are all the traveling I am doing right now.


Maggie said...

Can totally relate to the forgotten passport incident! Kudos to your husband and friends on their hike. My husband and I hope to do the rim to rim trip one day soon, but it won't be all in a day.

JoAnn said...

I did not now you are a map junkie. SO AM I. I love maps, love to look at them, figure out and try new routes (it helps that I also have a good sense of direction!)

When Laura went to London for a summer abroad in 1999 (eek, it has been ten years), I used a flight tracker to help the pilot on the overnight flight. I fell asleep with my head on the computer keyboard!

The 5 Bickies said...

You've had a very eventful day! Good call on the passport! That's like the dreams I usually have before I travel internationally.

I am intriqued by your husband's rim to rim hike. We are excited for our children to be old enough to do that trip. Sadly, I think I am the only one interested in a 26 mile hike!

Debbie K. said...

You guys have the most exciting adventures. I love reading your blog. Take Care!

Amber M. said...

My husband and mother-in-law are total map junkies, too. Tony has had our entire move route planned for months. In fact, for his birthday and Father's day this year, I'm getting him a Big.'Ole.Atlas. His old one is in tatters!

Best of luck to Hockey Boy. What good kids you have. And hiking the entire rim of the Grand Canyon? Seriously? Amazing.

So. Now that you've held down the fort, where do you get to go??

Erin said...

You are all so adventurous. Getting to the airport is so stressful! The last time I went, I backed into one of our sons cars on the way out of the driveway. It is always a white knuckle experience for me. Hope he has a great trip. And your husband looks pretty content with those buddies of his. Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!!!