Sunday, May 3, 2009

A contrast in nature.


Do you remember when I said I inherited none of my father's athletic ability or love for hiking? Well, similarly, I exhibit absolutely none of my mother's infinite industriousness or knack for housekeeping.

When I first got married, my mom hired a maid to come and clean my house every other week. I think she was afraid that Robert was going to send me back when he realized what a poor housekeeper I was!

This week my mom is visiting us. Whenever she arrives at my house, she begins finding projects to work on (no shortage of opportunities there!). She's not really critical as she sets about cleaning my windows or wiping down my pantry shelves, but she occasionally comments in a perplexed voice, "I don't know how you grew up in such an orderly household and had none of it rub off on you..."

Friday she tackled my front porch. She hosed down the rocking chairs (it's true that I don't sit in them while waiting for Vivian's bus because of the dirt and pollen, but it never occurred to me to clean them!), washed and swept the slate floor and then wiped down the front door and threshold. It looks so nice now! Think I can keep it that way? (Don't hold your breath.)



Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

...Can she pop over to my place for a wee dusting and shining??

Hey...what are all those signs in your yard?

Unknown said...

I have had the same gal for 14 years. She comes twice a week and keeps my house running. I'm not sure what she will do next year when there are only 3 of us at home but, I bet she will find something!
I love the slate porch. Did you have that added after the house was built?
I've been slowly removing the signs from our flowerbeds as each child leaves home. It's such a sad and lonely sight now.

Rachel said...

I am not the cleaner either. I have a housekeeper and will occasionally get psyched up for a big project, but not very often. I wish my mom would do them for me when she was here! Could you send your mom my way?

Have a good week.

Erin said...

Eloise, I think your mom & my mom would get along famously. Just as we do ;)

JoAnn said...

I know nothing about your housekeeping, but I do know that you are a HOMEMAKER extraordinaire, someone who makes a wonderful, warm and loving home for your family.

My mother always helped me with the big projects. Even when she grew too ill to help, she kept me company while I worked. I miss her every day....

Marian said...

did she have to go to the store and buy cleaner? :)

Marian said...

did she have to go to the store and buy cleaner? :)

fleur de lis cottage said...

Wow..what a great mom! Can she head my way next?

Aunt Martha said...

I loved her being at my house. I think she should stay about a month at each of our houses.