Saturday, April 25, 2009

A tale of two dances.


Last night the girls service organization at our high school sponsored a "Buddy Dance" for the high school students in Life Skills and their peer tutors. They thoughtfully invited the Life Skills class from the middle school to attend as well.

Dots and I accompanied Vivian to the dance. The gym was all decorated and they had a disc jockey playing fun music. There were lots of really cute students there (I was so impressed that these kids would give up part of their Friday evening), and the party was already in full swing when we arrived.


Vivian, however, wanted no part of the Buddy Dance.


She screamed and threw a fit and didn't even want to go into the building. I finally resorted to picking her up and carrying her in while she sobbed and protested. (I should note that at this point I was ready just to leave since this was supposed to be a fun activity for Vivian and it clearly was anything but that, but I've been told that to grant her wishes when she acts that way rewards that behavior, so we pressed on...)

Here she is in full-fledged meltdown mode. I'm trying to stop her from kicking me!

Both of Vivian's teachers and one of her aides were there, and they were so helpful in trying to calm her down and engage her.

Vivian's teacher, her daughter and Dots talk to Vivian

Vivian, accompanied by both her Life Skills teachers, begins to settle down

Finally Vivian was calm enough to walk over and say "goodbye" to her peer tutors and classmates who were at the dance.

Vivian loves her teacher's daughter, Emma

Dots, in the meantime, had a great time dancing, taking pictures for me and playing with Emma

On a happier dance note, tonight Hockey Boy had the Junior/Senior Prom.

Enlisting his sister's help to wash and vacuum his car

He took a sweet girl who's a friend from his school choir. After a brief motherly review of gentlemanly manners, Hockey Boy left to pick up his date, and then all the kids and parents from his group met at one house to take pictures.

The parents could have passed for the paparazzi

Will and his friend Katie - don't they look nice?!

His prom group

I hope they have a good time, though I don't expect to hear many details about the evening from him (Hockey Boy is a guy of very few words).

It's a pretty safe bet, however, that he will enjoy his dance more than Vivian did hers.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh is that time of year, eh? Great pics!

JoAnn said...

I hope that when you got home on Friday night you had yourself a big ole drinkie poo.

Lovely looking group going to the prom.


Marla said...

Beautiful pic of all the couples...and the dresses are just lovely!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh, those photos totally bring back my prom memories! That is so fun!

Unknown said...

Vivian looks so cute in her skirt and tee. Maybe by being exposed to the dance each year she will enjoy going when she's older. My boys have both helped with dances like that and I think they enjoy it as much if not more than the guests.
I'm jealous of the prom pictures. Both my boys opted out this year. They don't get that this is one of the things we moms love to be involved with. I miss having a daughter in high school!

Rachel said...

First, I feel your pain with Vivian's dance. I know how it makes you just not want to try those things again. You never know, though, when it will click and she'll like it!

Hockey Boy looked so handsome. I was so happy to see all the girls in such tasteful dresses. I haven't seen a lot of kids going to prom, but I see a lot of floozy looking dresses in teh store. All of his group looked very age appropriate and, of course they looked great!

Have a great week.

Erin said...

This is my first year without one of ours going to prom in a long time. Hockey Boy looked very handsome! His date is adorable. The photos are just so cute, and I love all of the flowers. Vivian looks cute too, and actually quite happy in the last photo of her! So cute to see Dots helping her brother wash his car! Loved this post.

Hopsy said...

What an eventful weekend! I was thinking of the HP prom last night since a sweet girl from our camp was nominated for queen (Kendall M). Hockey Boy and his date look so cute and what lovely flowers he picked out for her!

Also, what a great event that was put on for Vivian's class! I am glad so many people showed up and that Vivian was able to make an appearance. You are such a wonderful mother Eloise!!

Melissa said...


You have such a beautiful family.

Thank you for your kind words. They maen a great deal to me.


Liz Harrell said...

Bless Vivian's heart. I'm not that big a fan of dancing either. :) Her teacher sounds wonderful.

And the parents on the lawn with cameras just crack me up.

Jenny said...

I loved this post. I think it is so awesome that you hung in there and didn't leave the dance when Vivian was struggling so. How tough for both of y'all. I think you are a wonderful mother, Eloise! And I loved the pics of the kids before the prom-- everyone looked so nice and appropriate-- so fun. Hope he had a terrific time!

Tami said...

Aaah yes the parental paparazzi... love it.

Will and date and friends all look great. I am inbetween years and so no prom for this mama this year. I miss it, sorta.

And dear Vivian, it has to be difficult to try new things, for her and for you. You are a trooper! And next time Vivian may like going to the dance. It looks like her teachers are caring, wonderful people.

Take care!

cotedetexas said...

OH- what a cutie! too bad my Elisabeth already has a BF. Wouldn't that be fun?!!! hehe.

Christina said...

I am a friend of Chrissy Glasscock, and she mentioned your blog to me today, so I thought I would check it out-I blog, too, and think it's fun to see what other moms (especially) are up to out there. I scrolled down, and your posts are so sweet and have brought tears to my eyes and smiles as well.
I LOVE the picture of the parents lined up across from the prom-goers! That is just classic. Your family seems exceptional. Thanks for sharing your moments!

Christina said...

I left a comment last night and accidentally typed in a name wrong...anyway, I am a friend of Christi Glasscock, and she mentioned your blog to me and I thought I would check it out-I enjoy seeing what other moms, especially, are up to. I read and scrolled down-I laughed, had some tears...your family seems exceptional.
I LOVE the picture of the parents across from the prom-goers. It is perfect! We are still a little ways from that stuff here!
I'm glad I stopped by!