Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things about me.

Dots started running a fever late Sunday night. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday who diagnosed her with Influenza A. He started her on Relenza (similar to Tamiflu but effective against the A strain, which Tamiflu is not, and in an inhaler), and he also prescribed a preventive dose for the rest of the family. Vivian's school just called and said she didn't seem to be feeling good, so I went and picked her up and am now home playing Florence Nightingale. I would much rather be Bonnie Blogger right now, believe me!

Since I don't have time to come up with an original post, I thought I'd share these "25 Random Things about Me" that a Facebook friend challenged me to write recently.

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25 Random Things about Me
1. I came to Texas from Georgia in 1982 to attend SMU. I always intended to move back to Georgia but fell in love with a Texan, so here I stay.
2. I like living here much more than I ever thought I would, though I miss the physical beauty of Atlanta and the feeling of being close to my roots.
3. I have three children: Will (17), Vivian (14) and Dorothy (11).
4. Though I certainly never expected to have a daughter with mental retardation and epilepsy (my middle child, Vivian), I think being her mother has made me a more patient and compassionate person.
5. I am the least coordinated, most unathletic person I know, but I love to watch sports, especially my son Will's hockey games.
6. I have a fondness for all things elegant and feminine, which includes a weakness for expensive shoes.
7. I have collected postcards since I was a young girl. They now fill over five shoe boxes and are sorted by states and countries using little pieces of construction paper that I labeled in elementary school. The postcards are a wonderful record of places I've been as well as a treasured collection of handwritten notes from my grandparents, parents and friends over the years.
8. I love to travel, especially to Europe.
9. I wish that I had lived in New York City when I was in my 20's.
10. I loved high school and wouldn't change much about my experience, but I confess that being a straight-laced teenager was not particularly good preparation for being the mother of a teenager.
11. Paris is my favorite city in the whole world. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to live with a French family one summer in high school. I have returned many times since then: by myself, with a friend, with my husband and with our family, and the city enchants me anew each time. I dream of having a flat there one day.
12. My husband, Robert, was and is the nicest person I have ever met.
13. I was a math major in college and graduate school. It comes in very handy for helping my son and his friends with their high school math classes.
14. Even though my sister Marian lives much too far from me (in Tifton, Georgia), I talk to her almost every day.
15. I loved diagramming sentences in English and balancing equations in Chemistry.
16. With hobbies like knitting and bridge and a love of music by Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong, I think I might have been born in the wrong generation.
17. Contrary to #16, though, I enjoy computers and technology gadgets.
18. I love to write and receive handwritten notes.
19. Music has an incredible power to transport me to other times and places in my life.
20. I wish I were more organized.
21. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I host a Valentine luncheon for 30+ friends every year in my home.
22. I love fresh flowers.
23. Some of my happiest childhood memories were at our family's cabin in Vidalia, Georgia.
24. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers, family and friends over the course of my life, and it has been really fun to reconnect with many of them on Facebook.
25. I have the best life of anyone I know.


Darlene said...

I hope the girls get feeling better soon. It was fun to read the random facts about you.

Melissa said...


I hope everyone is feeling better.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I will be praying that everyone heals quickly in your home, too.

Love Melissa

Hopsy said...

Paris is one of my favorite cities too, along with London of course! I also studied there in college and have gone back almost every year since. It is simply the best! I hope everyone is starting to feel better, illness is stricking HP like no other!!

JoAnn said...

One thing not in your random facts.....you are a wonderful friend.


3 Peanuts said...

Oh eloise,

I loe your random things and I love that I actually knew many of them from our time together this weekend ans we touched on a lot of those things. Your husband is so nice! I told Dave that sometimes I am not comfortable talking to the husbands but Robert is like Dave--NICE!

Paris is my favorite city too. Wish I were not fearful of going there again.

I hope everyone feels better soon.


Kate said...


I just wanted to say hello! You left me the sweetest comment a few weeks ago...and I've finally popped in to "meet" you!! And what a great post to read first because now I feel like I REALLY know you...and if I had to confess....I also like the diagramming sentences portion of English class...although you lost me at Chemistry. And Math.

I hope your daughters feel better soon...we have been struggling mightily with sickness this week as well...

Glad to have found you seet blog and lovely family!!


Rachel said...

I hope the girls feel better soon!

I love your 25 things. My favorite, I think, is the postcard one. What a neat thing to have collected them for so long. I think Dots will cherish that collection one day!


The Mrs. said...

I almost went to SMU! Love your list. Hope Dots feels better!!!!

Jennifer said...

I hope ya'll all feel better soon-and the rest of you don't catch it. My niece in Dallas was just diagnosed with the flu too! Love that you stayed in TX :) It's the best place in the world to me :)

Anonymous said...

Dec 9 2006, the day after we moved back into the house after 6 months of construction and no Christmas presents yet purchased, Mark (age 8 at the time) came down with fever & aching, the next day Sam (age 4 at the time) got it too. Thankfully your pediatrician tested for influenza and gave you preventatives - mine (or more accurately, her partner) didn't and a few days later I too was ill. Hang there Florence - you still have a week to plan & execute that Valentine's luncheon!

Preppy Pettit said...

Add me!

Jenny said...

I hope everyone is well now. It was so fun reading all the different facts about you! I love fresh flowers too, and the ones on your table from your dinner with "3 Peanuts" are gorgeous! I would really enjoy learning how to play bridge-- how did you get into it?