Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dots!

Today my *baby* turns 11.


This morning

Happy Birthday, Dots! You are such a delight and bring us lots of joy.

PS We got home from Italy last night (just in time for one last ten-year-old hug, Dots told me). In some moment of either questionable sanity or extreme jetlag, I agreed to a slumber party tonight. Final installment of my trip report coming soon, assuming I survive the evening.


Hopsy said...

Happy birthday!! This is SO random, but were you all at 7-11 on Hillcrest today after school? I saw a group of girls there and one looked just like your daughter and even had that shirt on! Welcome home and hope your trip ended wonderfully!

Hopsy said...

Sorry to comment again, but I just got your message. I totally thought I saw Fergie when at HPV today and after your filling me I think it must have been her! Thank you for keeping me up to date.

Mary Alice said...

Happy - Happy Birthday Dots!

Melissa said...


Happy Belated Birthday to Dots.

Thank you so much for your kind words that you left for me on my blog. They meant a lot to me.